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Set up email in Windows Live Mail

1. In Windows Live Mail, click on the "add e-mail account" text on the left

Add Email Account

2. Enter Email account details

In the example below, we have used the email account in place of this you should use the email address and password combination we have provided you with.

The Display Name field is the name that will appear when your email is received

Ensure that Manually configure server settings for e-mail account is ticked

Once you're done, click the Next > button

Email account details

3. Enter Mail Server details

Enter the following settings:

  1. My incoming mail server is a IMAP server

  2. Incoming server:

  3. Incoming port: 993

  4. Log in using: SSL/TLS or if that fails try STARTTLS

  5. Login ID: Email account provided

  6. Outgoing server:

  7. Outgoing Port: 465 or if that fails see above and try 587

  8. This server requires a secure connection (SSL) - Ticked

  9. My outgoing server requires authentication - Ticked

All other fields should be left at their default setting. Once you're done, click the Next > button

Mail Server Details

4. Save Settings

To save your settings, click the Finish button


5. IMAP Folders

If the following window appears, click on the OK button.


6. Amend default settings

Click on the icon shown below followed by the "Options.." option


Under the Advanced tab, press the Maintenance button


Make sure that the Purge deleted messages when leaving IMAP folders option is checked then press the OK button


Press the OK button on the Maintenance window to confirm settings