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Can other people edit my PagePlay site?

Only people who are registered with PagePlay as editors of your site are able to login and make changes.

When we first set up a PagePlay site, we ask for the details of all of the people who need to be able to login and make changes.

All of these people need to have their own email address and password to access the site. For security reasons you shouldn't share login details with anyone.

Giving more people access to edit

You can request for additional people to be added to your site so that they too can login and make changes. Simply send an email to and list the following details for each person:

  1. First name

  2. Last name

  3. Email address

Limiting their access to certain pages

By default, newly added people will be able to change any of the content on your PagePlay site.

You may prefer to nominate only certain pages which they have the ability to make changes to. If this is the case, then simply email letting us know:

  1. the email address of the person

  2. the URL of each page you want them to have access to

It is important that you create the pages they need to have access to before you send the request to us.