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Set up email in Gmail

We have used as an example in this demonstration, wherever you see you will need to use your own email account.

1. Go to Gmail and log in

Here you will be logging in with your existing Google account, not your PagePlay email account. If you need a Google account, you can register for one here:

2. Click the settings link

This link can be found by clicking on the Settings button and clicking on the "Settings" option from the dropdown list. See the image below.


3. Select the "Accounts and Import" tab from the Settings page


4. Press the "Add a POP3 mail account you own" button under "Check mail from other accounts using POP3"

Add POP3 email account

5. Enter your email address

Enter Email

6. Enter mail server details

You will need to enter the following in the three text boxes that appear..

  1. Username: Your email address

  2. Password: The password for your email account

  3. POP Server:

Then press the Add Account button.


7. Choose to be able to send from this account

You will be asked if you want to send email from this address, choose Yes, I want to be able to send as..

Then click the Next Step button


8. Enter your name

This is the name that appears when someone receives an email from you.

When you've done this, press the Next Step button


Leave the settings on the next page as they are and click on the Next Step button.


9. Choose outgoing server settings

You will then be presented with more details to enter, you need to enter the following..

  1. SMTP Server:

  2. Username: Your email address

  3. Password: The password for you email account

  4. Port: 465

Outgoing server settings

When you're done, press the Add Account button

10. Confirm email verfication

An email will then be sent to your email account asking you to confirm your ownership of the account. Click the link in the email, or enter the code it gives you into the box on Gmail.

To check your email, you can log into webmail by going to and entering your email account as the username and your password when asked.

When you're done, click Verify

And you're done!