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Should my site's address begin with www?

When the internet was first finding its feet nearly all web addresses (or urls) started with www. Standing for World Wide Web the www prefix used to be common place, but has more recently become less of an expectation of a url.

With PagePlay we give you the choice, but whether you select with or without www, your visitors always get to the page they're looking for.

The fact is, www isn't required and it boils down to personal choice. Here are the pros and cons of www

  1. Pro - People often link to the www version of any site and this has minor search engine optimisation benefit.

  2. Con - It is time consuming to say www every time you tell someone your sites url

  3. Con - It increases the length of your site pages urls for print media

Want to know more about how PagePlay deal with www?:

If a site is set to use www, all requests for the none www versions of pages will be redirected [tech bit: using a 301 redirect] to the www version.

eg: A request for would be sent or a request for to

The opposite is true is you choose to drop the www.