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Why do I need a modern web browser to edit using PagePlay?

Some people have asked why they can't log in to edit their PagePlay site using Internet Explorer 6. There are some good reasons why...

Some IE6 facts:

  1. It was launched in 2001, and replaced in 2006. The version that replaced it was subsequently replaced in early 2009

  2. It's one of the least secure browsers still in use.

  3. It costs web developers a fortune, because almost every other browser in use broadly adhere to common web standards - IE6 has many many quirks which on many projects can take us up to 60% of the time to fix IE6 errors and display issues.

  4. Because of the last fact, we believe it has throttled the development of the web.

We have discontinued our support for IE6 for all new sites we build. It only amounts to a tiny proportion of all visitors and it's right to move on.

We would advise anyone using Windows to download one of the browsers listed below or upgrade your Internet Explorer installation to IE7 or above. PagePlay is a modern web application and requires a modern web browser. The IT contacts/departments for most large organisations will be able to install one of these newer broswers even if the user doesn't have the right admin rights to install software on the computer.