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What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. So CMS can be used to describe any tool which allows the creation, editing and deleting of content. The term is usually used to describe online systems, although not all Content Management Systems are online.

The vast majority of content management systems are separated from where the content will finally be displayed. You will often log in to an administration area which looks and feels very different from the site, blog or listings you're editing. This allows for more complex functionality, but often leads to a mismatch between what you're changing, and how it will eventually be displayed. It can also lead to CMS systems becoming unusable without training.

PagePlay is a different type of Content Management System. We built it from the ground up to be incredibly simple to use. The CMS displays in the same place as the content you're managing and making changes to. To make changes you simply click the thing you want to edit. To add new content you just hover where you want it to be included and click insert.

We've maintaining simplicity across all aspects of PagePlay's CMS, from text editing, to image management and even applied the same principles to the management of photo banners and video embedding.

When it comes to allowing control over your site, sometimes more is not better. Less means quicker, simpler and less frustrating management of your content.