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How do I manage my pages?

You can move, delete and edit the name of your pages from the sitemap.

First - go to the Sitemap by clicking the link at the top right hand corner of the Toolbar


You will see a list of the pages which make up your site. Hovering over a page with display you with a couple of options...

new site map options

Move a page

  1. Click 'Move' on the page you wish to move

  2. Click the new position you would like the page to appear in

Edit a page

Click 'Edit' on the page you want to modify.

You will be taken to this page with the toolbar expanded and the 'Page' button highlighted. From here you can edit.

Toolbar - Edit
  1. Details - General page details, including page URL, page title and the page title that is used in the site's navigation.

  2. Description - A Description of the page used by search engines in their results pages.

  3. Keywords - Keywords that people might use to search for your site.

Delete a page

  1. Click 'Delete' on the page.

  2. A 'Confirm' button will appear in place of the 'Delete' button.

  3. Click 'Confirm'.

You may not delete a page if it contains any subpages.