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Set an out of office message

1. Login to your PagePlay webmail.

You can login to webmail by going to

2. Enter your email account details to login

Enter your email address as the username and your email account password as the password

Note: your email password may be different to the one you use to login to edit your website. It will have been given to you or your account holder when your email address was first set up.

3. Your email address will be listed in the blue bar at the top of the page. Click on your email address and select 'Autoresponders'.

4. Click on "Add auto responder"

5. Enter details for the response message.

You can leave fields as their default setting, unless mentioned below..

  1. Interval: The number of hours to wait between responses to the same email address. We recommend 24 hours

  2. From: The name you want this email to appear from. Usually your own name or your Business' name

  3. Subject: The subject of your response email.

  4. Body: This is the main email content of your response. Explain that you're unable to check your emails at the moment and mention when you will be able to respond.

Click the "Create / Modify" button when you're done.

Remember to remove it using the same steps when you are no longer unavailable!