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Email account limit

Why are PagePlay email accounts created with a 250MB quota?

All PagePlay sites come with the option to add up to 20 email accounts. We provide a high quality, well-supported service for these accounts which allows you to connect by POP or IMAP or indeed to access by webmail.

All email accounts need to be limited. It's simply not possible or responsible to offer unlimited amounts of storage on email accounts. Of course, different service providers offer different limits based on their server infrastructure, usage patters, commitments to customers and the degree to which they use your emails to sell advertising.

At PagePlay, we investigated this carefully and decided that the most suitable initial size was 250MB per account.

Does this mean I can't have more than 250MB of email?

Of course not, it just means that when you first request a new account, or create it using the PagePlay toolbar the quota will be 250MB. Your email setup should include an application such as Outlook, Mail for Mac or Thunderbird into which you can archive older mail that you want to keep. If you struggle with a 250MB quota we can discuss increasing the size, generally at no cost.

We have some guidance on how to archive your old emails here:

You can then back up this older mail locally using your own preferred backup method.

You would need to either delete or archive and backup your old email whatever the limit on your account.

I need to store more than 250MB online in my email account, what can I do?

It is incredibly rare that someone actually needs this much online storage for their email account, provided the account is being managed regularly. If you are in this very rare group of people, then you may need your own email server.

If you set up your own email server, we can re-route your email traffic so that it goes directly to your server. Just let us know.