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Set up email in Mozilla Thunderbird

1. In Mozilla Thunderbird, from the Tools menu, select "Account Settings"

Account Settings

2. Click the "Account Actions" button then click on "Add Mail Account" in the drop down that appears

Add Account

3. Enter your email account details

  1. Your name: The name that appears when someone receives an email from you

  2. Email address: Your PagePlay email account

  3. Password: The password on your PagePlay email account

Then press the Continue button

Email Account Details

4. Edit automated account details

Thunderbird will then go away and try to find the necessary account settings for your account. Regardless of the settings it brings back, press the Edit button

Automated details

You will then be presented with a range of fields to enter information into. Make sure they are set to the following..

  1. Password: The password for your PagePlay email account

  2. User name: Your PagePlay email address

  3. Incoming (1):

  4. Incoming (2): IMAP

  5. Incoming (3): 993

  6. Incoming (4): SSL/TLS

  7. Outgoing (1):

  8. Outgoing (2): 465

  9. Outgoing (3): SSL/TLS

When you're done, click the Re-test Configuration button, followed by the Create Account button when it appears

Edit details

5. And you're done!

Click on the OK button to go back to the main email window


Your email account will be listed in the side bar to the left of the main email window. Maximise the account by clicking on the +* icon and then click on *Inbox to view the emails in your inbox.

Open Inbox