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Set up email in Mail for Mac

This guide uses as an example email address, you will need to use the email account details that we have provided you with instead.

This guide is for people using Mail on the Mac. For other email applications, see our Setting up your email account page

1. Open Mail

If you have not used Mac Mail before it will ask you to enter new account details straight away. Otherwise use click on the File menu and select Add account.

2. Add account

Type your name, email address, and email password.

Then click Continue

Add Account

3. Add your server details

  1. Account Type: IMAP

  2. Description: PagePlay

  3. Incoming Mail Server:

  4. Username: Your Email address

  5. Password: Your Password

Then click Continue

Incoming Mail

4. Add outgoing server details

  1. Description: PagePlay

  2. Outgoing Mail Server:

  3. Use Authentication: Ticked

  4. User Name: Your email address

  5. Password: Your Password


6. Click create to finish!