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Finding and removing large emails

One option for reducing the size of your email account is to archive older emails to a trusted computer. However it can be quicker and easier to just delete old emails which have large attachments.

Finding emails which are 500kb or even 1Mb or larger and deleting them is a fast way to clean up your account and reclaim account space. Although some attachements are important, they are often duplicated on your computer or in your cloud storage and don't also need to be kept in your email account.

Below are some generic instructions on how to find those email in different email clients, or using webmail.

PagePlay Webmail - RoundCube

We'll want to repeat these steps for any folder which contains lots of email, but let's start with the inbox and sent folders.

  1. Scan the column names until you find a column called 'Size'

  2. Click the 'Size' column twice. The first click will show smallest emails first. The second will show large emails first

  3. Find an email for which you no longer required the content or the attachments. Click it, then click on the delete bin icon

  4. Repeat with all large emails while your time permit

Remember to repeat the steps above with your Sent folder and any other folders which contain a large number of emails.

Repeat this process every few weeks to maintain your email account size at a manageable level.