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Email forwarding

If you need your incoming emails to be forwarded to another email address for any period of time, follow the instructions below to setup an email forwarder for your PagePlay email account.

You'll still receive emails into your inbox, however, a copy of each email will be sent over to the forwarding address.

You can now manage email forwarders in your PagePlay toolbar!

We'll update this article with the full guidance soon.

1. Login to your PagePlay webmail.

You can login to webmail by going to

2. Enter your email account details to login

Enter your email address as the username and your email account password as the password

Note: your email password may be different to the one you use to login to edit your website. It will have been given to you or your account holder when your email address was first set up.

3. From the small icons in the middle of the screen click on "Forwarding options"

4. Click on "Add Forwarder"

5. Enter an email address

This is the email address that you'd like emails to your account to be forwarded to.

When you're ready, press the "Add Forwarder" button and you're done!