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Email Autoresponders

You can now also manage your email autoresponders in your PagePlay website toolbar!

If you're logged into your PagePlay website, in the toolbar click 'Email' followed by Autoresponders.

You can then click 'Add a new Autoresponder' and follow the guidance in the pop-up window, including setting a subject, body and start and end dates.

You can also delete existing Autoresponders from this list by clicking 'Delete' next to the relevant Autoresponder and then clicking to confirm

Viewing your autoresponders in Webmail

  1. Visit either the address /webmail on your own PagePlay website, or visit

  2. Log in using your full email address as your username and your email account password

  3. In the top right corner, click 'Webmail Home'

  4. Under the 'Manage your inbox' heading click 'Autoresponders'

Setting up an autoresponder

To set up an autoresponder for any email account you have setup with PagePlay, follow these steps:

  1. Once viewing the Autoresponders page using the steps above, click the 'Add Autoresponder option'

  2. Leave the 'character set' option

  3. Interval: Choose how many hours between autoresponding to the same person. 12 is a good number for this option if you're unsure

  4. From: Choose a 'From' name. This should be the same as the From name you usual use for the account. Often your name or company name

  5. Subject: The subject the sender will see when they receive your autoresponder. We recommend "Re: %subject%" to use the original email's subject

  6. Body: What do you want to say? You're on holiday? You're busy? You no longer monitor the email account? The Body is the place to add your response message

  7. Select a Start, when the autoresponder will become active

  8. Select a Stop, when the autoresponder will be removed

  9. Click the 'Create/Modify' button

You're done. You can test your autoresponder by asking somebody you know to email you, or by sending an email to yourself using another email account.

Removing an autoresponder

You can remove an autoresponder using the delete option on the autoresponder list page.