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How do I crop Photos?

You can select different 'crops' of the photos you have uploaded to your site. You might want to put a photo of yourself on your 'About us' page for example. Suppose your favourite photo also has other people or scenery in it - but you just want to show yourself. You can simply crop the area from the photo that you want to display on your page.

You can change one of two crops: either 'Content' or 'Thumb'. Content is the crop that appears wherever you have placed a photo on a page of your site. Thumb is a square preview of your photo which is going to be very important for the forthcoming Gallery feature.

1. Click 'Edit' on the photo you want to change

You will be taken up to a new photo editing area in the Toolbar where you are shown the original. There are two options under the photo: 'Change Crop' and 'Edit Details'.

2. Click 'Change Crop'

You should see the existing crop as a dashed outline.

3. Drag the outline to the new crop you want to select

If you make the crop too small the photo will turn red to warn you. You can keep changing the crop until you are happy with the crop you have selected.

4. Click Save

5. Click Done

This confirms you have completed all of your photo edits and return to the photo's position in the page content.