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How do I add links within a paragraph?

As well as choosing to insert a 'Link', it is possible to make some of the words within a paragraph into a link.

There's a format that you need to stick to get these links to work and it's made up of 2 parts..

Link Text

The link text is the text that you want to appear within the paragraph, that a visitor will click on.

In the following sentence the words "brown fox" are the link text..

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"

Link URL

The link URL is the address of the page that you want to link to. This may be a page within your site or a page on an external site. You can find the address of a page in the address bar (not to be confused with Google's search bar) of your internet browser when you're viewing the page.

Link URLs must being with http://, you can find some examples below..

  1. - Our website

  2. - Google

  3. - The URL of the page you're viewing right now

Putting these two parts together..

Within a paragraph, choose where you want to add a link and add the following.. Simply place speech marks (double quotes) around your link text, and then write a colon (:) followed by the link URL you wish to place.


"Links in Paragraphs" : (Remove spaces)

.. will give you ..

Linking to an email account

To link to an email address, use the text 'mailto:' followed by the email address as the link's URL.

e.g. "Click here to email me" : mailto : (Remove spaces)

.. will give you ..

You can see an example of how this is done by clicking the "More info" whilst you are adding or editing a paragraph.