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Why doesn't my site appear on Google?

There is a common misconception surrounding Google. Many people think that the listings that appear when you search are an up-to-date representation of the internet at that time. This is not the case.

How Google actually works

What you see on a Google listings page is only an up-to-date listing of what Google has stored about the sites listed.

Google use what are known as "Robots" to crawl the web in search of new sites and content. These "Robots" are simple machines that browse the internet, going from one site to another by following links. When found, this new content is saved to the computers at Google.

So why hasn't Google found my site?

On many occasions Google manages to find and index websites within a day or so of the site being made available. However, in a small amount of cases it can take a lot longer than this to be found, often taking several weeks.