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Add a little something extra to your site

There are a range of additional features you might want to consider adding to your site. Each of these bolt-ons can be added for a small addition to your monthly subscription by contacting us.

  1. Gallery to show off your photos using thumbnails which can be clicked to see a larger version, ideal if you have lots to display

  2. Photobanner to showcase the main images or stories and set the mood for your entire site on the home page

  3. Subpages allow you create multiple levels of navigation so you can have many many pages and organise them in a way you visitors will find easy to navigate

  4. Mini-feeds are a great way to integrate your Tweets, Blog posts or any other RSS powered content with your website

  5. Forms can allow you to take information from your visitors in a structured way

  6. PayPal Buttons allow you to take simple payments on your site