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PayPal buttons

PayPal Buttons bolt-on

PayPal buttons are a great way for you to sell products through your PagePlay site. With PayPal buttons, you'll be able to give your visitors the option to buy from you on the various pages of your site. Adding a button is as easy as adding any other PagePlay item - such as a photo or a paragraph. The transaction is completed through PayPal, so you can be assured that your customers are protected by the world's largest online payment provider.

What does it do?

PayPal buttons make it really easy to sell products through your PagePlay site. All it takes is a few pieces of information and a couple of clicks. You just need to enter..

  1. Product Name

  2. Product Code / SKU

  3. Price

...and you're done!

How do I get it for my site?

When you're ready to add PayPal buttons to your site send us an email to with your PayPal merchant ID. We’ll do the boring bit behind the scenes and then send you a note to confirm when you're ready to start selling.

How do i get hold of my PayPal merchant ID?

  1. Login to your PayPal account.

  2. Click on the "Profile" link.

  3. Under Profile Summary, look for Secure Merchant Account ID.

  4. You should see something formatted similar to this text: WRDDZE4N3E3M2 - This is your merchant ID

PayPal buttons bolt-on can be added for an additional £10 per month