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Mini-Feed bolt-ons

Mini-Feeds are a great feature that allow you to keep your site truly up-to-date with your recent activity through feeds from other internet sites. They pull in data from these sites and publish them automatically on a section of your site. Sources may include..

  1. Tweets from Twitter

  2. Stories on your blog

  3. Photos posted to Flickr

  4. Events in your public Google Calendar

  5. Any other RSS based feed

What will it look like?

The mini-feed will be part of the design of the site, usually to the side of the main content. As it is part of the design of the site, it doesn't have editing options like PagePlay items, however it is updated automatically when a new visitor visits your site.

A couple of examples are below...

How can I get it on my site?

Give us a call on 0161 850 0561 or email and we'll be pleased to update your design to include your a mini-feed.

Each new mini-feed can be added for an additional £2 per month