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We launched subpages with great fanfare some time ago now. These days many of us take our subpages for granted. But not everyone is using subpages on their site, so we thought it would be nice to offer up this reminder of what they are and why we have them.

With PagePlay, it's always been possible to add as many pages as you like. Rather than follow in the footsteps of DIY website tools, which tend to offer different prices based on the number of pages you need, we have always believed that the freedom to grow your site over time is more important.

In the early days this meant continually adding more and more pages to the same navigation list. The list would soon grow very long for a site with many pages. It was clear that we needed a cleverer way of organising pages, and it became our No. 1 customer request. The answer was subpages.

As long as you subscribe to our Subpages bolt-on, you can add subpages to any existing page on your site. The best way to think of this is like a family tree. So adding a subpage is like adding a child. You can then add a sibling page at the same level. If you want to add a page a level further down, that's like a grandchild. You can add up to three levels of subpages using PagePlay - but there is no limit to the number of pages you can add in total.

pageplay sitemap screenshot

We wanted to build subpages to be as easy to use as the rest of PagePlay. Adding, moving, renaming and deleting pages is done through the Sitemap. This whole interface could have become very complex indeed - as many users of DIY web tools will confirm. But our new sitemap proved to live up to our high ease-of-use standards and we were very relieved when it passed our famous Mum-test with flying colours.

The narrower pages that sit under the broader ones are its children. The ones which are even narrower are its grandchildren. You can move a page between the levels by clicking move to pick it up, then clicking a new location. If you pick up a page which already has children - they will also be moved at the same time.

Subpages can represent a big change for your website. Let's argue that a very tidy navigation list has a maximum of five pages. With three levels of subpages this means your site could contain 125 pages and each navigation list would still be very minimal. So you can have much more detailed and extensive content without your navigation ever becoming cluttered.

If you're wondering how subpages could help your website, why not get in touch for a chat?

Managing a website with lots of pages. It's as easy as PagePlay.

Subpages bolt-on can be added for an additional £10 per month