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Want to know about your visitors?

We found over years of setting up websites for people that almost universally there is a need to track statistics on the use of a site. After all, once you've paid for something, it's good to keep an eye on how it is performing.

Many other website providers out there have tried to create their own statistics tools leading to some really sub standard ways of interpreting the stats. Others have bundled in subscriptions to expensive stats providers.

We thought we'd leave the stats management to the experts and support Google Analytics in PagePlay sites instead.

We recommend Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful, easy-to-use and freely available statistics package. You can monitor statistics for your PagePlay site using Google Analytics. You can link other sites you have through the same Google account, whether they are with PagePlay or not.

Get ready to find out...

How many

See numbers of page views, visitors etc.

Which country / town are they from

Excellent graphical presentations show you where your visitors are located geographically - from a global view right down to small towns.

What pages do they like the most

Evaluate which content is the most popular on a page by page basis.

How long they spend on the site

Duration of visit is a great indicator of how well your site and content is performing. If people only spend ten seconds looking at a page you have filled with content, then you know you may not have done enough to engage them.

How do they reach the site

Find out where your visitors reach your site from. Are they coming straight to the homepage? Do they click a link on another website that you have listed with? Are they visiting your site after finding you on a search engine? If so, what keywords did they enter in order to find you?

It's fascinating, and more than a little bit addictive. Don't say we didn't warn you!